Our strength stems from a diverse team of experts with different backgrounds and deep knowledge in various fields. We believe, that namely the ability to see every situation from different perspective allows us to achieve best results for you.

Eglė Surplienė, Wealth manager

Eglė is a chartered financial planner and an excellent process coordinator. Thanks to her knowledge of the Lithuanian legal and tax base, she can easily come up with the individual solutions to complicated matters. Eglė has built up this knowledge and experience over 20 years of hard work on the Lithuanian financial market.

Vilius Oškeliūnas, CFA, Wealth manager

Vilius is a chartered financial analyst (CFA) and generator of ideas. In view of the customer needs and in consideration of ever-changing circumstances, he develops various strategic combinations, listing the merits and demerits of each. Knowledge and experience, built up over 10 years of active work, enable Vilius to easily control complex processes in both investment and business management.

Vaidotas Pupalaigis, Wealth manager

An expert in customer relationship management, backed up by 15+ years experience as a private banker. Excels at understanding needs and offering optimal solutions that best suit customer needs in coordination with their financial background, objectives and goals.