Gerovės valdymas offers independent and tailored wealth management services with a special focus on the family wealth preservation, growth and passing on to the future generations.

Our multi-family office opened in 2009 and we have the longest track record as wealth managers in Lithuania. We operate under a licence issued to a financial advisor firm, and are supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.

Our aim is to bring you exceptional comfort through our independent and tailored financial services for you and your family:

• increasing the long-term value of your wealth;
• objectively assessing the investment opportunities in the market without being limited to products of service providers;
• advising you on tax-related, legal, insurance, or business issues that interest you;
• taking care of planning for the transfer and continuity of your wealth;
• adjusting wealth management to the long-term goals and values of your family.

What is a multi-family office?

The history of family offices began in the 19th century when American financier and investment banker John Pierpont Morgan founded the first financial office to manage his family wealth in 1838. Thanks to talented financial advisors and exceptional wealth management competences characteristic of this service, the single-family offices gained popularity with other families as well. This gradually led to numerous multi-family offices assisting several families with management and growth of their wealth.