We are the oldest independent multi-family office in Lithuania. Our diverse experience in financial planning and management, investment management, tax and legal problem solving enables us creating a convenient Wealth Management Services that you need.

Asset Growing

We create welfare by helping you to choose the best solution – we present an objective assessment of every possible investment solution in regard to purpose and risk. It can include consultation on particular investment, it can include construction of long-term (even from one generation to another) investment strategy.

Asset Preservation

It is very often harder to preserve than to create. We can advise you on the ways to distribute your assets so that you can always feel safe about the quality of life and seek your goals with comfort.

Asset Handling

Asset creates new opportunities and new challenges. Our goal is to help you to make up your mind and implement your ideas without strain through our professional insight and ideas about application of such potential and reasonable financial solutions.

Asset Transfer

You can choose the way your asset will influence tomorrow. We will provide you with flexible solutions as well as simple implementation plan that would be open to changes, which will ensure the continuity of your objectives in the future.