Our services

Our clients are natural persons and legal entities holding considerable wealth and requiring independent wealth management services, exceptional investment opportunities, and unconventional solutions.

Financial planning and strategy

We make a detailed assessment of each client’s financial situation and discuss their needs, goals, and expectations. With this in mind, we devise a long-term strategy to attain the goals and an individual financial plan easily adjustable based on the changing situation.

Investment solutions and opportunities

Based on the client’s individual strategy, we assess the investment opportunities available in the market and select the best offers. Our autonomy and the team’s high level of competence enable us to make unbiased decisions without limitations in terms of asset classes, investment products, or service providers. We cooperate with various banks, financial intermediaries as well as investment companies, and have built an extensive network of valuable contacts in Lithuania and abroad since the start of our family office. That is why we are in a position to offer our clients a greater diversity of financial solutions and open more opportunities for wealth management.

Supervision and monitoring of wealth and investments

We keep track of of the volatile investment environment and its potential impact on the clients’ investments and are able to make strategic and tactical changes in the clients’ portfolios promptly. We provide our clients with regular and comprehensive reports on all their assets with our assessments of the situation in the financial market.

Legal framework, wealth transfers, and tax issues

We help our clients to choose the legal framework of wealth management most suitable for their needs, or handle family governance, wealth transfer across generations, inheritance, and other tax-related or legal issues, if necessary. Seeking optimal solutions, we cooperate with partners specializing in law and taxes.